Equipment Rental

Transimpex can now provide you its new state of the art Williams Sound Digital Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment for rent.  We do so at competitive rates, whether for training, depositions, board meetings or in-house conferences.  Simultaneous interpreting saves time and money because presenters need not pause for interpreting.

Also available for rent is our new portable table top booth to reduce the sound of the interpreter’s voice and limit distractions for attendees.  The Transimpex language interpretation system is wireless and fully portable.  The Transimpex equipment rental package includes an experienced technician to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

The interpreting equipment is based in the Kansas City metro area, the heart of America, which makes us an ideal choice for interpreting solutions in the Midwest and even extending to the coasts.

 Here is a sample of the interpreting equipment available:

  • IC-2 Mixer Station
  • DLT 100 Transmitters
  • DLR 50 Receivers
  • Lapel Microphone
  • Headsets
  • Portable Table Top Interpreting Booth

Transimpex IC-2 Interpreter ConsoleTransimpex DLT100 Interpreter TransmitterTransimpex DLR50 Interpreter Receiver

More products available – contact us for additional information.