Do you need an interpreter for …

Meetings in Missouri, Kansas, New York, Munich, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires or Cuba?
Conference Calls with clients abroad?
Hospitals or Medical Emergencies?
Industry Conferences/Conventions?

Transimpex maintains professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreters in the Americas, Europe, Asia and around the globe for individual meetings or large conferences. Interpreters can accompany you or meet you abroad. Many are multilingual and can help you facilitate negotiations in several countries. Confidentiality is a matter of course.

Quality service at competitive prices!

* Litigation?
* Court Hearings?
* Depositions?
* Patent Suits?
* Arbitration?

Need equipment for simultaneous interpreting? Allow us to provide it!

Contact us, and we will provide a skilled interpreter to ease your communications so you can focus on business.


How we choose an Outstanding Interpreter

Transimpex interpreters are experienced professionals from a target language country, we choose our interpreters based not only on knowledge of the languages needed, but also subject area and expertise.

Transimpex provides interpreters for many different situations: court, depositions, medical, conference and escort. Interpreting equipment and technicians can be provided when needed and we have the technical expertise to develop a successful event.

Consecutive Conference Interpreting: Depending on the level of negotiation from commercial setting – boardroom – up to the diplomatic level, interpreting live on TV.

Simultaneous Conference Interpreting: Work in pairs sitting in booth using earphones. Depending on level of sophistication, may be training on technical equipment in classroom setting using material translated in advance (in ideal situation) to high diplomatic level interpreting as in UN where speeches may or may not be available in advance. Speed is often incredible.

Escort Interpreters: Least complicated, no equipment needed, although radios are sometimes used for larger groups. Accompany city or plant tours, shopping trips, assist during expos.

Court Interpreters: Under Public Law 95-539, persons who do not speak the English language in the United States must be provided the services of a Federally Certified Court Interpreter. If no Federally Certified Court Interpreter is available in a 100 mile radius, the court is authorized to swear in an interpreter. Interpreters must also be able to translate, however; they are, for instance, frequently expected to provide sight translation in the legal environment under heavy time pressure, which requires superb translation skills, with little or no time to prepare or look up terminology.

To prepare interpreters for assignments, Transimpex offers courses in Medical, Legal and Court interpreting. For other subject areas preparation material is requested so that the interpreter(s) can prepare.

For our client’s special interpreting needs Transimpex has the resources and the professionalism to provide the most qualified and expert interpreters available.