Transimpex: 5 Steps to an Outstanding Translation

1. Every source text is reviewed to determine the need for clarification and localization before being assigned for translation. We provide our translators terminology from our extensive glossaries, translation memory database and dictionary collection and consult with the client.

2. One or more experienced, subject-qualified translators, native speakers of the target language, are carefully selected based on background information, especially work performed for Transimpex. Our translator database includes details on education, translation experience and/or employment, as well as our translation portfolio evaluation.

3. The translation received from the original translator is thoroughly reviewed by an editor (in some cases also an intermediate editor) who verifies terminology, cultural suitability and style, often consulting with the original translator and our versatile and experienced office staff to arrive at solutions that best fit the objectives of the client and the needs of the target audience.

4. A final review by our in-house quality control staff determines whether the translation meets all our internal standards and is ready to be released to our graphics department for desktop publishing or typesetting.

5. The pre-press copy generated by our graphics specialists is proofread to reassure complete accuracy and appropriate layout and appearance.

Once we are contacted by you, we:

1. Assign a manager to your project who will take care of you throughout the job

2. Consult with you to ensure the translation will be appropriate for the target culture

3. Coordinate the appropriate translation team to tackle your job

4. Edit their product to produce a clean final version

5. Provide necessary graphic design

6. Deliver the final translation to you in whatever form you need.

No project is too small or too large, and we are committed to working with you to ensure your satisfaction!