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  1. I am always impressed with the quick, professional service I receive from the staff at Transimpex. They are very through, asking questions to ensure that the translations are accurate. I would certainly recommend Transimpex.

  2. Spanish translations of legal and financial documents beyond my expectations. Not just a spanish translation, a legal and financial spanish lenguage translation.Very well done. Rafael Ruiz- Bartlett Grain Company, L.P.

  3. My company is Peterson Manufacturing in Grandview, MO. Peterson manufactures safety lighting for OEM and retail sales. We have been using Transimpex Translations since about 1994. Doris Ganser and her team have been a vital part of helping make sure we properly translate our installation instructions, sales literature and packaging for our South American and Canadian markets. Transimpex provides us with French for our Canadian market as well as a generic version of Spanish for Mexico and the other South American countries we sell to.

    During my 20 years at Peterson I have worked with several project managers at Transimpex. Laurel Woodhouse, our current Project Manager, has been very helpful and quick to call or email when a translator has questions about our text. Transimpex has always delivered projects on time or earlier than expected. If there are any concerns about meeting a deadline they have always been quick to notify us, however they haven’t let me down yet. More than once we have had to request a rush service and they have come through for us. I have no problem recommending their services to you. I think you will be very satisfied with their work.

  4. We have used Transimpex for years to translate our packaging directions, warnings and ingredients. They are always very prompt with the translations and will ask for clarification if needed. They also understand the regulations of our industry and comply without any problems. We look forward to working with Transimpex for years to come.

  5. I needed legal documents translated for a German Court and Transimpex was highly recommended to me. I called them and spoke with Sarah. I inquired about their services, fees and turn the around time, I was told if I could email or fax the documents to them someone would promptly contact me with the information I requested. Shortly after I emailed the documents I was contacted by Laurel, I was given a reasonable price for the English to German translation of the documents and was told I would have a proof within 2-3 days after I authorized Transimpex to do the translation. I paid for the translation by credit card over phone and 2 days later I was contacted by Laurel. She explained that once I ok’d the proof, she would promptly send the documents along with the paid invoice and the notarized translated documents. From start to finish I had the documents in my hand within 6 business days. I personally recommend Transimpex based my experience with them. The staff is friendly, courteous, professional and do what they say in a timely fashion. In a world where everyone wants it now, they delivered! I give them 5 stars!. Thank you Transimpex ,

  6. I highly recommend the team at Transimpex, including especially Doris Ganser, for translation services, from who I have received excellent cost-effective service in connection with German legal and medical documents, as well as business correspondence. It is always a pleasure to work with Doris and her team at Transimpex!

  7. After ttrnaslating for over 32 years for various very important companies, the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law and for various administrations in France , the US, Malta and the UK, taht Doris Ganser felt the need to insult meclaiming the document is not a correct. But I know how such documents (birth certificates) are to be translated and seals used for hte French authorities and she dared change them . More than a month after delivering the job, this is just an excuse not to pay. Definitely a cheat and a thief!

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